Saturday, November 19, 2022

Dissolving The WSA352


.:.The "Medusa Effect" is what I called it, in one of my essays. It's when things you write, your written thoughts, your written views, your written opinions, and so on, turn to stone as soon as they are written. Such written things remain unchanged, all the while, as a living organism, you continuously change and grow. 

The same with making something like the WSA. It was created in the past, and as those years progress, I change inside as a person, but, that WSA stayed the same. 

And so, being that the WSA no longer represents or reflects the person I have grown to be: I hereby dissolve it this day of November 19, 2022 as Caligula. The WSA henceforth is defunct as of today. 


I really think what killed it for me was getting initiated into Palo Mayombe back in 2018 [which I've written about in Nexion Zine]. Palo, is a real animistic and Pagan culture and religion, that really does go back hundreds of years in Cuba [600 years], and goes back thousands of years in the Congo. 

Palo isn't something invented on the internet. It doesn't have 5000 pages of Corpus... in fact, it has no written corpus at all. It's not some guy's personal ideations. Not some guy's mythos and fantasies. It's real witchcraft, witch doctory, and Kongo Animism/Paganism. It's real. A real living culture. A real living Tradition. A real living Animistic Religion. 

And so the deeper I got into Palo, the more unreal ONA became to me. ONA just became a hot mess of thousands of pages of bloatware, all invented/codified/written/ideated by one single man. 

Since 2018, after my initiation into Palo Mayombe, I haven't been the same person. It's hard to explain, unless you have also gotten initiated into something like this. There is a depth to Palo regarding what it knows and understands about Malongo Yaya [Mother Nature]. It has ancient knowledge about plants and trees, about nature spirits, about the medicinal and magical properties of plants [and how to come to such knowledge]. Nature comes to life when you are Palo. It's alive, and it's a living book of insight and wisdom.  

In the end, Nature and its timeless Wisdom trumps the ideas of any man or prophet. Ideations, doctrines, ideology, is a wall that divided you from being close and intimate with Nature. I will leave this blog up, but this post will be my last thing I will ever write. 


The Inner O9A

.:.A fix to the central problem which has been causing the many negative Symptoms ONA has been suffering from has been made. The fix is more of a reiteration of things already present in ONA [from the o9away blog]:

The View Of The Inner O9A

I was told long ago by the Old Guards that as open source software has a development team which ensures that the software develops in the right direction so does an open source ONA. The Inner O9A is the custodial/development team of the Order of Nine Angles. 

When I was younger, I hated the idea and concept of an "inner circle" of o9a Adepts and was a huge antagonist of such a concept. Today, having become more conservative, I understand the need for such a group/body who helps conserve ONA. The change in my views, sentiments, and mind about the need for an Inner Cabal of O9A Adepts is a product of my own personal pathei-mathos and watching ONA fall into the condition it has found itself in currently. 

The Inner O9A also properly fills in the vacuum left behind by Anton Long's retirement. 

I am hoping [and hopeful] that the Inner O9A will gradually nurse ONA back to health. 


But due to the success of Sinister-Numinous tradition's influence on me, and having applied many of its teachings, especially of the concept of "Pathei-Mathos," and having come to a gradual understanding of Nature [via Natural Philosophy] and of Human Nature: I still have to amicably sever my bonds and ties with the Order of Nine Angles as a member/associate because I have come to understand that we humans, and most high order creature have an instinctual Ethical Boundary, and ONA explicitly lacks any such Ethical Boundary. I will have to follow the example of the Old Guards when they created their Hebdomian Way: and abandon the ONA. 

ONA is too socially Liberal for me. In my youth, I was socially liberal and liked ONA. Today I am socially conservative. 

ONA also lacks any mechanism of Quality over Quantity. Each ONA MS acts like a fishnet. Those fishnets are cast into cyberspace and catch certain types of fish. The problem is that "ONA" is an abstract noun which does not exist as something you can touch. What exists in Reality [re: Realism] are the people who come into ONA and who associate with it. A nation/religion/tribe/family/group is only as good as the constitutional people who make up such a collective entity. 

Also, due to my love for Natural Philosophy, over the many years, I have become a Realist. There isn't much Realism in ONA. Most ONA people can't "keep it real." It is an impossibility, as I have observed over the many years for Anton Long, the Old Guards, and ONA people in general to be Realistic where they have the capacity to simply Admit to a Mistake: "We made a mistake regarding... the authority of individual judgment... regarding our judgement of character of such and such person... regarding allowing so much time for groups like the ToB to take root in ONA so they can influence and manipulate people..." instead of such a capacity to admit to mistakes, we see mythos on top of mythos, labyrinth on top of labyrinth: endless games of charades. 

Also, like I said: Just like how England neutered their Monarch of power, ONA has gotten rid of Anton Long's power. ONA is democratic. And like all democracies: there will always be secret cabals of people controlling things from behind the scenes. I'm a Monarchist. 

ONA also has taken on the personality and character of it's creator: Anton Long / David Myatt is wishy-washy and vacillates very often. Sometimes Anton Long's primary texts are only guidelines... other times, the same texts are used in a binding, defining way. 

Over the decade, I've also come to see the whole of ONA, meaning the 5000 pages of ONA MSS, as being exceptionally bloated, convoluted, and self-contradicting. Over those years, as I have gradually written in nexion zine, I came to understand that Satanism is very simple and Primal. And so, for many years I have yearned for a more simpler Satanism, one that is carefree and fun, one that has culture and ethical boundaries, one that has ceremonies and rituals. And so: I have returned to my old roots of LaVeyan Satanism based on The Satanic Bible & The Satanic Rituals

I have grown to become a very un-ONA person. 

The WSA also is too liberal and no longer represents the person I am today. I will very shortly dissolve it and lay it to rest. 

I'm also done with writing. I've been writing non-stop since 2007. Like literally non-stop. I've lost the desire to write. Many other thing about Life in the Real world has captured my attention, heart, and mind. And so, Nexion Zine is Paused at issue 8.1. 

I just came back to check up on ONA, and seeing that it was sick, I tried to help ONA one last time. The Inner O9A has everything under control. I hope that in a decade, that ONA will still be around. If not then by Wyrd's Will: it was never meant to live long. I am amicably permanently severing my sentimental attachments with ONA, because we have grown apart. I leave like a baby bird, having learned to fly, leaves its nest. David Myatt's writings has made me, since 2006, the person I am today. 

I wrote a poem in 2009 called "Caladrius." In the poem, I am Caladrius, the King is the ONA, and the Nightingale is David Myatt. And so, like the Caladrius: I've looked upon the face of this king for a while, and now I fly away. 

When o9a dot org works again, I'll post this over there too, which will be the last post I make in cyberspace.



Thursday, November 17, 2022

Message To Lianna


.:.Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and feelings, and the rest of our recently posted stuff in our little corner of cyberspace. 

I slept on it last night, and there is a more better possible solution than to rescind that ONA MS of "authority of individual judgment" in question. 

Rescinding it, jurisprudentially, would be difficult and actually unnecessary; unless Anton Long, over the decade, via his own Pathei-Mathos, has come to some conclusion that the ONA MS in question should be rescinded.

A more better and productive solution would be to focus on the functioning word "Judgment." For example:

How do we "judge" something? Like, how do we know that when we are driving, that we are going over the speed limit? Because there is a Standard by which we make our judgement: a speed limit sign. 

You can't jurisprudentially judge something without some kind of Standard/Precedent or unit of measurement [judgment of distance, duration, volume, etc]. 

There are explicit and implicit standards in ONA and DM's writings we in ONA can use to make judgments. 

The first standard is: Pathei-Mathos, which is a robust concept in ONA already. For example here, it is humanly and rationally inconceivable for someone who is psychologically sound and sane to say something like: "Because I have suffered long, from my long-time suffering, I personally judge that sodomizing 1-year-old babies is acceptable and good to do." 

The second standard is: Honour. Which is a robust concept for both Anton Long and DM. An example here would be my own culture: the standard is Respect. Therefore, because we respect/honor our elders [they are more wiser and more experienced in life than we are], there are "right" and "wrong" ways of speaking with such elders and "right" and "wrong" ways of behaving with such elders/superiors. And so the judgment/valuation of rightness and wrongness is rooted in that concept of Honour/Respect.  

The third standard is: DM's writings on the old Greek concept of Judgement/Dike.

Beefing up that functional word "Judgment" would make the needed amendments to that ONA MS in question, so that it doesn't get misunderstood to mean an "authority of individual desires/whims/opinions." Because a judgement, philosophically and jurisprudentially, is far more robust than an opinion.  

The big problems we see right now in ONA, is the "monkey wrench" problem: a big machine stops working and we initially assume that it is a huge problem, but a small monkey wrench causes the bigger issues. Or like how a nail in a tire makes the car tire flat, which than causally causes the car to not function properly. And so that ONA MS in question is the nail in ONA's car tire. It's the central cause of the Symptoms we have been seeing. 

I will wait, to see what you guys can pull off. It's been a while since we all got together to fix a dilemma. Just like old days!

Take Care


Wednesday, November 16, 2022

A Response To DarkLianna


.:.This is a reply to Lianna's "A Response to Chloe" and a general thinking out loud to general ONA population. I would have posted this reply over at o9a dot org, but that site's login page has been suffering from "too_many_redirects" errors for the past few days. I'll post my thoughts here, hoping you guys will find it one day.  

Firstly: it's good to 'see' you again Lianna; good to see that you OGs haven't abandoned ONA to die, and haven't left the internet. I would have followed your guys' lead and left ONA to die away also if you had not made your presence known. 

In the very old days, we used to have these types of discussions and 'thinking-out-loud' exchanges in the "backroom" [the old o9a yahoo group]. I enjoyed those exchanges. Remember we once had such an open forum exchange about the Pros and Cons of Myatt=Long thing? 

So this exchange and thinking out loud will give the new generation ONA people a look at how such exchanges took place in the old days, which sometimes became fruitful in fixing issues in ONA.

I'm familiar with this type of exchange of different minds and opinions from my high school days. I used to be a tagger, belonging to several tagger crews back then. In such crews, I belonged to the second tier of the leadership hierarchy, below the shot callers.

Most of our crews back then were in competition with each other for territory and dominance. And so, most of our crews were rivals with each other, where we battled each other's crews, and even had a certain level of animosity for each other's respective membership. But many of us had one thing in common: we all lived in the same part of the city. We all lived in the Hills section of the city, which is where the nice big houses were at. 

And so, it came to be that there was tagging and vandalism around our section of the city: on the walls of our affluent neighborhoods, and sometimes even on the garage doors and sidewalks of some of the houses and neighborhoods. This became a problem that needed to be addressed. 

And so, one day, at a local park, where our school bus stop was at, the heads and second tier crew members of all the rival crews who lived in that hill section held a Truce and had a meeting to talk about the problem. 

There were several problems the various rival crews identified:

1. We all live in the same nice part of the city, and when we vandalize the area where we lived, we made our own area look ugly. Like taking shits in your own house. 

2. Tagging on garage doors looks lame and makes your crew and all taggers [the tagging subculture] look lame.

3. Tagging on sidewalks looks stupid and makes your crew and all taggers [the tagging subculture] look stupid. 

And so, after the problems were identified and after we all threw around ideas, suggestions, and so on, we all [each rival crew] agreed to do or implement a few new Policies:

A. That tagging in our section of the city, the Hills side, is off limits, because we need to keep our own neighborhoods clean [of vandalism]. We only tag in the Flats [the poor and non-affluent sections below the hills]. 

B. No tagger or tagger crew tags up garage doors, in the hills or the flats because it makes all of us look lame. 

C. No tagger or tagger crew tags up sidewalks anywhere in the city or beyond our city because it makes all of us look stupid. 

D. That when tagging in the flats, we all stick to walls, freeway dividers, freeway signs, and billboards.

E. No tag stickers [stickers with your tag or crew name on it usually placed on street signs and traffic light posts] are to be used by any of our crews or members, because those stickers make the whole city look ugly. 

And so, after we all agreed to implement those 5 points. And after the truce, meeting, and treaty/agreement, our crews returned to status quo as rivals and continued to compete for territory and dominance. 

I've urged new ONA initiates to join some kind of organization or gang in the past and I still do, for this reason: it teaches you how organizations/groups/movements function, how human group dynamics function, how Politics functions, what Policies are, who makes policies, who implements policies, who follows the policies, how rivals and enemies can amicably come together to solve common problems [the US and UK teamed up with the USSR during WW2 due to a common problem], the importance of common ground, etc.

And so, like those taggers crews in the above example, ONA is our Common Ground which we share in common. ONA is composed of nexions. Some nexions are rivals of each others, some don't like each other, most are in competition with one another for status, influence, dominance. Some desire to take over ONA. Some desire to lead ONA. Like any leaderless movement, there are competing and rival factions in ONA. Each nexion has its own version or interpretation of ONA, what ONA is or should be. That's all fine: but the very thing we share in common [ONA] is right now sick and broken. And so, we need to temporarily hold a truce, to think about the problems affecting ONA today, and throw around some ideas, suggestions, notions, things learned from past experiences that may have solved similar problems: in order to attempt to fix what problems we can identify. 

And so a truce, doesn't mean someone is the leader of ONA and is calling the shots to make other nexions and ONA initiates do shit. It's just an anarchic/nihilistic subculture coming together to try to solve what problems and issues we may be able to identify about our subculture, and if we find solutions to such problems, we all just simply agree to implement such solutions... and then we can all return to status quo. It may be that some of us don't see any problem at all, and it may be that no solution will ever be derived, and that nothing will be fixed... which is also par of the course of such truces and meetings of differing minds/opinions/views/values. 

From Lianna's response one thing seems apparent: 

It seems that this time around, AL and the Old Guards won't be fixing shit for us. In the past, we needed AL or the Old Guards to "fix" problems by simply writing shit that we had talks about regarding issues and so on, because in order to successfully empower a policy, having someone with some kind of authority figure/figurehead to endorse such solutions [a stamp of authoritative approval] works best. It's just how underlings function. 

Underlings, meaning the average person not possessing high capacity of mind/honor [human beings in the lower rungs of the Indic/Aryan Caste System], need authority figures to tell them things: i.e.: you telling your elderly mother that eating too much of a certain food is bad for her health, versus her doctor telling her the same exact thing; or you telling your friend to invest $1000 in a certain stock versus Warren Buffet telling people to invest $1000 in the same exact stock. The principle is that we humans, being primates, are social creatures, and that in primate social order there are alphas, and due to ancient primeval instincts: we trust authority figures and not our peers. 

And so, because this time around Anton Long and the Old Guards won't be helping us fix any problems, my estimate is that there is a 50% chance that the potential solutions to any problems we may identify will not be accepted by most ONA people, and therefore, nothing will be fixed/resolved. 

My feelings and thoughts about Liann'a 4th point, of how Anton Long and the Old Guards have progressed to some august state or level of evolution by a long time process of ONA initiation is that to say so, and suggest that due to such an evolution that they can't/won't help, is kind of selfish, because it's like saying: "We ourselves spent many years, decades, using ONA to get us to this state of development, but too bad the ONA is broke and won't bring you guys to our level, and we aren't going to fix anything for you guys."

>This is something I agree with. I had to go look thru all the issues of nexion zine, to look for something I had written way back in issue 1.1 called "Variations & Mutations." I completely forgot that I had ever written that essay, and after re-reading it, I still agree with myself, and so I do understand that there is a benefit for the ONA to have various versions, interpretations, and mutations. Each nexion and/or each ONA associate has their own version or interpretation of what ONA is, or what it should be. 

But this idea of various interpretations and versions of ONA has its own issues which contributes to a problem ONA is today suffering from: The ToB's version of ONA, by this idea: is a valid alternative interpretation of ONA. There is nothing wrong with that per se. But when you have such a version of ONA teach such things as rape and torture of people and children, and such versions of ONA use Anton Long's "Authority Of Individual Judgment" to endorse and justify their version of ONA, then there is a problem, which you OG's have even identified in your Hebdomian Way article:

My personal thoughts and feelings about Anton Long's primary text of "Authority of the Individual" is that:

1. It places the thoughts, feelings, sentiments of the individual [individualism] above the needs of the collective. 

2. It's a very Liberal concept, which contributes to the state America and Democracy is in right now, where the desires and feelings of the individual is above and outweighs the needs of the Civilization/Nation itself. 

3. As a Liberal concept, it is very useful and effective in attracting new [liberal] members to ONA. It's like a fish net that catches fish [Jesus said: Follow me and I will teach you how to be fishers of men]. 

4. It places the whimsical sentiments of the individual associate above the needs of the ONA as a subculture and institution.

5. It can be used to justify actions and behaviours and deed that, not only goes against Anton Long's concept of honor, but which also goes against instinctive/natural Human concepts of honor and decency. 

6. Even the most heinous and most criminal and most murderous groups out there, ie.: the Mexican Drug Cartels, being evil and sinister as they are [murdering tens of thousands of people yearly in vicious ways], have some concept of Honor where they all consider universally two things to be dishonorable deeds punishable by death: (a) Snitching & (b) child abuse. 

7. If the desire of ONA is to be seen or believed to be "hardcore" satanists: you can still be hardcore [let's all admit the obvious fact that ONA is nowhere near as hardcore as the Mexican Cartels] and still have concepts of taboo [dishonorable deeds].

Which brings us to one very big problem in ONA:

ONA is Liberal: Anton Long's primary texts are not binding. Instead they are reduced to "guidelines" which you can follow or not. But, we see that in practice, when people who publicly say that they are ONA support the ideas of things like rape and child abuse, many ONA people, including the Old Guards bible thump Anton Long's primary texts as something more than mere guidelines, where such texts are insinuated to be binding and to even define Ethos and Ethical Boundaries of ONA. 

My own personal thoughts and feelings of this issue, being conservative as I am, and coming from strict and conservative Asian cultures is that: Anton Long's primary ONA texts should be binding, where they define the boundaries of what ONA is and what ONA people are and practice. But even this position is problematic because it would then elevate Anton Long's text of authority of individual judgement to be binding and defining of ONA and ONA initiates. 

There is obviously and observably in ONA and amongst the OG's an inkling of a need for Ethical Boundaries and a lack of such in ONA:

>A possible solution to the problem of that text of authority of individual judgment is to somehow have Anton Long rescind it.

This "sudden" realization that there is a need in ONA for Ethical Boundaries, and that Anton Long demarcated such Ethical Boundaries based on the Ethos of Honour, is a natural pendulum swing and Newtonian reaction to versions/interpretations of ONA by groups such as, for example but not limited to, the ToB and Rapewaffen, and so on [agents posing as ONA with their own version of ONA], and a natural reaction to what the Media has been saying about ONA since 2018, and a natural reaction to the fact that most of all mundanes out there in the public believes such to be what the ONA is. 

I understand that in Satanic subcultures it is necessary for the ego to posture and look like Hardcore Satanists who are truly amoral, sinister, and have no ethical limits, who believe as Anton Long said: to push our limits in society. But in practice, as human beings, like with most developed organisms on this earth: we are indeed created by nature to have Natural/Instinctive "ethical" boundaries: we naturally do not desire to have sex with our fathers and mothers, we naturally don't have the desire or stomach to torture babies and baby animals, etc. I'm not here talking about doctrines, ideologies, and what Anton Long or some human wrote. I'm talking about Nature and how Mother Nature created us as creatures.